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We are dealer and vendor for calling data B2B & B2C for AUS, UK, USA, and Canada. Mobile data and landline both data available for any countries with E-mail address & full name.

"We Extract Fresh Data on Basis of Center and Process Requirements"

Calling data 90 % connection B2B & B2C for AUSI, UK, USA, CANADA mobile data and landline both data available for any countries with EMAIL add with FULL NAME.

Calling data for domestic and other all countries are also available in different categories India Domestic calling data any state any city almost 45 kinds and specification depending on requirement of centre and process.

Calling data leads best rates, raw data, age data, female, lead gen data, survey calling data leads for USA, UK, AUS

Calling data with age specific, Opt-In data and Email and I Pad data for USA UK AUSI and CANADA

Best sales output with tech support verified data specific calling data 90% connectivity.

Specific calling data for UK, USA, AUSI, CA for process like, b2b b2c any country, tech support ,female data, age specific, home improvement.


All comes with replacement grantee in connectivity issue with proper replacement claim... all are fresh data as we order on basis of your order.

Kindly Note Disclaimer –

We sell calling data and other services to only genuine centers running genuine legal process like survey or lead generation process. We don't sell data for illegal process and if there is inappropriate miss use of the data or fake usage details given at time of purchase then purchaser will be sole responsibility.

We Also Install Dialer and Monthly Maintenance for Dialer

We provide Dialer with unlimited seats and inbound and out bound facility available 24 by 7 support even on holidays, one tech will be assigned to centre for any kind of phone or remote support to centres. Dialer installation will take 9 hrs times as we do it from scratch on Linux coding.

Centre don't have to keep a tech or hire anyone at their centre as all the dialer as that will be our responsibility and our tech will take care of it.

In dialer we will give all the soft will be license version with license key so that there no call breakage or call drops. For voice clarity we will give G729 and G711u law and G711Ulaw

Security Assurance

  • Dialer will be protected with fire wall protection so that there is no hacking of data and VoIP minutes.
  • All the soft phones will be license version with license key for 5 years.

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