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Chat Features

Now get Your process covert to chat process and business more productive with live chat support in Your existing website.

Chat support feature for Your business and Your website where customer can come online on Your business website and You can chat with them direct with Your android phone or ios phone .This will increase the credibility of website for new customer and also for existing customers to engage them on chat with 24 by 7 support on chat.

Increased business is sure.

KEY Features -

  • You can add 10 gents for Your website
  • You will get instant message display on phone when any customer visit Your website or chat so You can engage them on chat with 24 by 7 support on chat .
  • You can put Your own ringer tone in Your mobile device for alert is any of Your customer comes on Your website so You can engage customer on chat by welcoming them rater that have them say hi to You this way we don't miss the opportunity of possible converted business.
  • You will daily report how many customer visited Your website .
  • You will get analytical reports what page the have visit .They have came from Google or direct . What state and country the visitors are now chatting from
  • You can have team chat
  • You can record the chat and save it
  • You can put Your company logo on chat
  • You can put Your welcome note of Your chose

Chat is a dedicated mobile application which aims to help businesses increase customer engagement using a vast set of features including live chat and website analytic s, wherever You may be.

Some of the salient features include:

  • Real time live chat with website visitors to help convert potential customers.
  • Instant visitor alerts on Your phone, that can be customized as per Your needs.
  • Easy to understand analytic s, with no setup required.
  • Unlimited chat records of chats across all live chat agents, along with visitor information, for future reference.
  • Dedicated Team App, to add up to 10 live chat agents per website, to make sure You don't miss out on any visitor
  • Real time live chat also includes customization, instant shortcuts, allowing You to share share text, images and URLs, such as a YouTube video which can be used to demo Your product.
  • Customization lead forms to share within chats , to collect visitor information depending on Your requirements.
  • Package of 3 configurable websites with 10 agents per website, all through one application. This means that we do not charge per user, allowing You to scale easily.
  • Given the features, this application is highly recommended for entrepreneurs and startups want a dynamic and scalable user engagement or customer support platform.

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